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About Us

We are a full-service design firm specializing in exterior and landscape design. Since being founded in California in 2005, we have experienced meteoric growth and currently employ over 100 people, with about half of those being designers. We are ready to take on projects of any size.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: bring quality design to every project that we touch. What is quality design? If it looks good and feels good, if it solves the problem creatively and makes our clients happy, that’s quality design.

Our Vision

The cornerstone of our vision is a beautiful, functional world. It’s an ambitious goal, and not easily achieved, but we’re nothing if not a team of dreamers. Care to join us on our path?

Years of Experience

The competition to join our team is serious, and we only hire designers with experience.

Creative Approach

Working with environmental, budgetary, and time constraints forces us to be creative.

Customer-Oriented Service

Your happiness is our ultimate goal. Want this color and that plant? Consider it done.

Reliable Team

Our team was tested by time and hundreds of completed projects.

High-Quality Materials

We source high-quality, imported materials to guarantee the look we create will remain.

Professional Sport

After the job is done, consider us on call to help you with small fixes and finishes.

Our Team

Employing some of the best in the business, our team is a group of design obsessives hell-bent on redesigning the world until it’s equally beautiful and functional.

Brian King

Founder, Lead Designer

Amanda Smith

Landscape Architect

George Nelson

Lighting Designer